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26 September 2016
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Support the band
Support The Band
If you have previously sent in your details, you will always be considered for future performances/tours... You only need to submit your music once.
As tours are booked months (in some cases over a year!) in advance, submissions received within 3 months of the first date of a tour/event will generally be considered "too late".
Please also be aware that situations may arise where support bands are not needed for performances or even whole tours.
Please make sure to read all the information on this page - we will NOT respond to questions that are already answered on this page
  Submit Your Music  
Are you a solo artist or in a band? Are you the 'next big thing'? Do you want to support Marillion on tour? If so you may be in luck...
We're constantly getting emails from musicians and fans (or a combination of both!) asking us to consider bands for support slots on our tours and one-off gigs.
This opportunity will be open indefinitely - however, you do not need to re-submit your information for each tour/event. We keep detailed records of every band we have received.
YOU must be the artist or in the band, or the artist's/band's official management or representation. Please do not send us music/bands you like, music from a friend/friend's band, or anything else YOU are not directly involved with.
Now that you understand all of that, here's what you need to send in:
1. Your demo CD, or most recent EP or full-length album. Please be sure to highlight your favourite/best three (3) tracks. Not 4, not 2, not "The whole album is great" - you MUST select ONLY 3 for consideration. If you do not have a 'finished product' you may certainly send a CD-R of 3 tracks into us.
2. Your 'press pack'. This will include a promotional photo of you/your band, plus a full artist/band biography with contact details (full name, postal address, phone number - land and/or mobile, fax number - if applicable, and email address). Please include only one individual/point of contact, and provide as much detail as possible.
3. Your travel-ability. We want to know where you are based (city and country), if you are prepared to travel outside of your 'home city'; and HOW far you are willing and able to travel. Please be honest with us - if you are willing to travel across all of Europe but have a 92-piece drum kit and no car or driving license we need to know!
4. Anything else relevant to your band/live show. This could include a DVD or video of a live performance, website addresses, press reviews, live photos, etc. Again, though, please DO NOT email submissions to us. Include this information with or in your press pack.
Once you have the above together, send your package, clearly marked to:

Support the Band
PO Box 252
HP18 0YS
  Terms and Conditions
* We will send a letter of acknowledgement to the contact address given when we receive your information. Do NOT email/write to us asking if we have received your package. If you want to ensure that your package is delivered, we recommend using registered post or the equivalent. If your choice of service/courier does not deliver to PO Boxes, then you will need to find another choice! We cannot give any alternate address for delivery. And please be patient; you may not get any acknowledgement for several months after your submission!
* Apart from the letter of acknowledgement, we will enter into no further communication with you/the artist once your package is received unless we are interested in offering a support slot. Submitting material to 'Support the Band' is NOT for the sake of getting your material heard by Marillion, or for your material to be 'reviewed'. We will not consider any submissions for release or sale through Racket Records or any other website we are involved with. 'Support the Band' is solely for the purpose of finding support acts, and nothing else.
* If you are involved with more than one band, you MUST submit separate press packs for each individual bands. Packages containing information on more than one band/artist will be discarded.
* We ask that you only submit your material ONCE. We will keep records of all submissions and will consider the entire 'catalogue' for each tour. Should individuals change bands or start new projects, we welcome submissions by these new projects, but do not need to receive copies of each of your new releases!
* Not all music submitted will be appropriate or suitable for what we are looking for in a support act. These decisions - as with everyone's personal musical tastes - are very subjective; and while you may not agree with our final choices in any instance, we ask that you please respect our decisions, as they will be made honestly and with careful consideration.
* Finally, this website will be updated with more information as it is available, and these Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.