“I took my demons by the hand, Bent them, twisted them until they scanned and rhymed...”Real Tears for Sale
30 August 2015
Status // Rehearsing/ Writing
Live Downloads
Downloads of Marillion live shows are available from the Racket Store. Brought to you direct from the live mixing desk, generally we offer the entire show from start to finish as it happened! See below to view whats currently available.
Marillion Tour Information
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Marillion Live Shows 2015
Cruise to the Edge 2015
15 November - 19 November 2015
Sunday 15 November 2015
Steve Rothery Band Live Dates
22 May - 15 November 2015
Friday 22 May 2015
Sala Saranush Buenos Aires, Argentina
Saturday 4 July 2015
The Band On The Wall Manchester, UK
Sunday 19 July 2015
Loreley Festival Loreley, Germany
Saturday 7 November 2015
The Stables Milton Keynes, UK
Sunday 15 November 2015
Steve Hogarth - h Natural 2015
12 September - 19 December 2015
Saturday 12 September 2015
Saturday 5 December 2015
Sunday 6 December 2015
Monday 7 December 2015
Harmonie Bonn, Germany
Saturday 12 December 2015
De Helling Utrecht, The Netherlands
Friday 18 December 2015
Saturday 19 December 2015
St John's Church Oxford, UK