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May 22nd, 1:44 pm


Ian MosleyBack in the studio with the boys..Hoorah!!
My view from behind the kit.
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J'écoute du marillion depuis quarante ans, je ne m'en lasse pas. Vivement le prochain album . Ce n'est que du bonheur d'écouter leur musique. Fish je le suis toujours j'adore fan de la première heure

Being a keyworker and working a fair bit, this has kept me sane over the last few months :) Sooner I attend a Marillion concert the better! A masterpiece! #peace :) www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYNMRXxeqvk

Great news guys , get that new album out, cannot wait to hear it👍👏👏. Just love listening to your drumming Ian, you make it look so easy, just love your work 😀.

I must admit I was always a Fish/Marillion fan I've always bought H/Marillion albums too but it's only recently I'm really starting to appreciate H/Marillion music. Sounds that cant be made is constantly being played at the moment to a lot of eye rolling from the kids 😀

Great to see! FEAR was amazing, can’t wait to hear what’s next!

Brilliant news but one request please,absolutely no Coronavirus themes in any of the songs. That’s all,crack on😂

Stay safe Lads!! The last thing anyone needs is a sick Marillion band/crew member!

So looking forward to hear the new album when it is ready. Take your time, guys (you don't need to be reminded).😁 Just create yet another music masterpiece. No pressure. 😉

Looking good. Cant wait for the new album. I bet it's going to be awesome

Can't wait to hear new brilliant music👍

Hey, just a thought... since a lot of concerts are now postponed, does the band have more time in their hands to... IDK.... work on an album and release sooner? 😂

Dear Ian, a big hug from a humble Italian drummer ! 🇮🇹

Hopefully the new album will be out next year as promised, 🤞

Love both era, s I was lost when Fish went. Saw Mr H in Hull at the end of the gig the crowd were chanting his name and I new they were back absolute legendry and long may it continue

There’s nothing like the anticipation for new Marillion music. ❤️❤️

We want new beautiful music😘

Kelly looks like he’s dozed off in the background.

Do I owe you money is a great read.what a life so far.....

Ian, do you use different cymbals in the studio to the ones you use live? Great to see you getting back in to the swing.

Can’t wait til you’re back on the road. Glasgow last time out was magical 🎸🎼🎙

cool aviators, looking like an extra on top gun. just playing your albums here guys whilst some photo retouching. anoraknophobia, now onto fugazi.

There is no picture more beautiful than the boys in the studio.

Ian, you are always my favorite drummer in the world 👍 👍👍

Perfect view! Any kind of vacant?!

Fantastic drummer you are👍👍😃

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May 21st, 9:09 pm


:)Marillion? THE Marillion? At #1 in the iTunes Rock chart? Above Phil Collins and The Stones? Surely not! I should have a Campari... ... See moreSee less



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Just seen h and the band on 1989 edition of Top of the Pops with Hooks in You. H is introduced by Bruno Brooke’s as the band’s new singer. Tru dat. Steve was 12 at the time and weighed 6 stone. (This may not be true).

I'll have to send my "Marillion still uncool as Fxxx " t-shirt back

hold the front page, shock news, Marillion singer's hidden past as 1930's matinee idol! leading ladies said 'it was his voice, what a voice' full story to follow

You look a little like Sean Connery there, my friend.🎩

So proud of our boys! Well deserved and well done. X

Awesome coup by the band, management and the fans. Best music family in the world.

So glad I reconnected with your music after all these years.

I dont remember .....was he in communicado ?? Saw Fish in Blackpool once buying Sugar Mice !! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Its the only way ! ......my address is Number 1 at the end of the Bar !!!!!!

You do happen to have the best fans in the world... You lot gave us the lock down single and us lot gave you a number 1.

Touch of the Sean Connery going on. 🤔 lol. hope you guys are all well and safe.

The UK singles charts are so weird. So much back catalog.

So deserved after all these years of fantastic music and brilliant concerts! And you know what? Marillion is not about fame & fortune; it’s all about great music! Thank you, wherever you are. 😊

About bloody time. You guys need so much more recognition than you do.xxx

Always have been. Warm wishes from here!

I'm seeing a resemblence to Sean Connery. 😄

The calypso/salsa band days...

I used to play in a band!! We were called duvet. (It was a covers band....)

The greatest unknown band in the world finally made again!

It’s Willie De Ville!

By jove it's Errol Flynn!

'Bout bloody time. Well done guys.👏👏👏

On dirait Sean Connery jeune ! :)

This is you in your ‘Midge Ure’s dad’ phase?

Bought it. 👏👏

Nice one lads !! You get what you deserve xx

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