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December 12th, 10:56 am


Looking forward to the gig in Rome tonight. MK. ... See moreSee less

Looking forward to the gig in Rome tonight. MK.


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Awww!! Would have loved to be there. Actually I would love to be in all the Marillion concerts, so I am afraid you will get this same comment from me to all your pre-concert posts. 😁

Enjoy. My favourite City!!! Break a leg.😁😁😁😍

Wonderful Music in a wonderful Place!

Enjoy your italian gigs, see you tomorrow in Padova! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

Watch out for the traffic! Wanna see you this year in Essen!

Have fun! The royal Albert hall was most emotional concert I have ever been! Just cried in 5 songs and the last the great escape I was just shivering. What a great night and great performance of orchestra allso. Sello player is my favourite😘

πŸ™‚ best thing about being in Marillion is surely getting to listen to Marillion all the time! Enjoy!

Looking good, Mark!

Enjoy beautiful Italy!!!✌❀

why does MK always seem to take selfies with a rounded dome in the background...

Une merveille le concert de Paris salle Pleyel Bravo a vous vous Γͺtre les meilleurs!!!!!

Voglio un grande spettacolo questa sera.... ❀️❀️

πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Enjoy!!! Wish I could be there ❀️

Please look ahead, so you don´t have an accident with a truck again. You know, Essen is coming soon again. 😜

Lovely picture Mark 😊

Nice picture Mark. 😘

Have a great night.😎

Une bonne ambiance Γ  Lyon salle radiant bravo tjr au top on vous adore πŸ₯°

Welcome in Italy Mark !

See you next week in Essen!

A musical genius ! πŸ‘

Looking gooood! Enjoy! 🀩

I am coming !!!!❀️

Have a great show ❀️

You're welcome in Rome Mark.... 'im waiting for tonight's show....

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December 11th, 4:48 pm


A Christmas present for Bethlehem,

Hello everyone. I ask you again to try and find a few pounds to make a Christmas present for the Hope Flowers School in Bethlehem - a school healing and teaching young children to live in peace. Hope Flowers is doing great work in very difficult circumstances and desperately needs whatever support - however small - you can give.
I will personally be helping, and Marillion also have plans to raise some money.
With the love of our family, we can rise above anything.
Happy Christmas to all!

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Beautiful guesture! I hope many people will donate. Merry Christmas to all of you! πŸŽ„πŸ’–

Small donation made. Love and peace to all. Merry Christmas H and all at Marillion

Very good initiative! I am already a donor. Merry Xmas! Xx

I don't think that kindness is a weakness I don't have a problem with compassion Reef, Consideration If only our politicians shared the outlook of my favourite band Merry Christmas to all Marillion fans around the world.

Roselyn House,UK and Hope Flowers, Palestine are now linked schools and have set up a project with our young people where they communicate with each other and take part in joint activities. This is very exciting for all students and helps them to feel a sense of self, understanding of others in the World and helps towards bridging a divide of our future generations; whilst fostering mutually beneficial and respectful friendships within those that don’t always feel that they can trust or be cared for. We aim also to share practice with Teachers and therapists in order to provide resources, ideas, suggestions and soundbites in attachment awareness and SEN Teaching methods. Our students have produced Christmas cards and postcard calendars to fundraise for this wonderful school in Palestine. Please look on our Facebook page. Roselyn Hope Flowers #wherethereishopeflowersgrow

Brilliant initiative!! Thanks and merry xmas!

Merry xmas ❀️🎸🀘

Merry christmas h!

Merry Christmas to all of you guys

I can't see how to donate from this page. I do see 'This is a preview Only people with the URL can see this campaign.'


NΓΊmero de cuenta para mandar donativo de MΓ©xico plis

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