“Heading West and climbing, In that place the sun never stops shining..”The Sky Above The Rain
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F E A R Jacket (Large)
Xmas Tour 2014 17 December 2014
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Here's the wallet for Prog 69, on sale tomorrow. Marillion talk about their "invigorating, ambitious, angry, emotional and exciting" new album FEAR as the band return stronger than ever. Plus exclusive new interviews with The Pineapple Thief, XTC, John Lees' Barclay James Harvest and Barclay James Harvest featuring Les Holroyd, Devin Townsend, The Buggles, Russian Circles, Aisles, Wolverine, Ashley Hutchings, Dream the Electric Sleep and Circuline. Plus a look at some of the most obscure and valuable prog albums ever, and Nosound, TILT, Erik Norlander and more on the CD. Prog 69, on sale tomorrow...

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Chris ElwickThey've been relevant to their loyal fans forever, its the rest of the world who aren't fans and who ignore them that are irrelevant!!!1 week ago   ·  15
Terry ClarkThe best progressive rock band in the world. Can't wait for F.E.A.R.1 week ago   ·  3
Ben CarterFirst time I've reacted to a pic of H by thinking "gee, he looks a bit like ol' Alice Cooper here, don't he?" :-)1 week ago   ·  4
Mariko OqruashviliGiorgi Ebanoidze look at it my sweet ! this gonna be the best album1 week ago   ·  4
Gregory MonteEconomic collapse coming or are we in the midst of it now? A collapse is a process not a one time event. Glad to see Marillion is awake....1 week ago   ·  1
Steve FlowersI haven't really cared for them post-Fish. They're not a bad band, I guess, but they're not Marillion.1 week ago
Ray ProvostJust arrived today. Nice to see my favourite band on the cover with their "new" singer Mr H :-D7 days ago
Matthew WaterhouseHow Marillion became relevant again? They've always been relevant!1 week ago   ·  8
Dan Lohrfinkh: "Yoink! Got your nose!"1 week ago   ·  3
Thelma Careauit look like saying be there when we arrived...1 week ago   ·  2
Lori MaloneBest ever!!1 week ago   ·  2
Ian HumphreyBring it on1 week ago   ·  1
Mildred AlbornozAwesome!!! Waiting FEAR1 week ago   ·  1
Phil MedTout est bon dans MARILLION 😀1 week ago   ·  1
Gary Thomas SmithAWESOME! My sentiments exactly!1 week ago   ·  1
Jon AshworthGreat! I am in there for the next stage!7 days ago
Phillip DunkleyI'm excited. Going to be another Brave!7 days ago
Jacobo Hdez Vgreat!!!1 week ago
Regi Felicio FreireFugazi6 days ago
Joshua LeftinMy issue number 68 just arrived today! Ugh.1 week ago
Daniel Coveliersil est temps qu'ils fassent un album valable1 week ago
Alberto Muggianucerco i bigliett per verona...qualkuno mi aiuta?1 week ago
Athanasios Akis TheofilatosF.E.A.R.1 week ago
Olli KochYou're all fucked!!!7 days ago
Keury Cristina Fidelis👊👊😝1 week ago

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