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July 16th, 2:05 pm


Update from Steve Hogarth.Hello all,

Just got back from Guadalajara after my Latin American solo jaunt. Pretty intense and gruelling stuff (no days off, entire airlines vanishing in Argentina, untold baggage-handling eccentricities and, upon my return to England, my car breaking down on the M4!) but fabulous audiences who gave me so much love and appreciation.

If you caught one, thanks for being there. I’m now recovering, trying to absorb the jet-lag and get my ducks in a row for the return to the studio with Marillion and a brief UK tour with genius producer Trevor Horn and his amazing band.


(Image by Fernando Aceves)
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Update from Steve Hogarth.


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We were so lucky in Chile, first Steve Rothery and then Steve Hogarth! Both shows were truly amazing, I really love them. Now I’d love to see another Marillion Weekend in Chile 🇨🇱

You're great!! Thanks for all.

Wow, grueling . But he's home now, back in the nest with his loving family who will nurture him..

Sounds intense! Vanishing airlines? We still wait for you to return to Montreal with h Natural, which was 13 years ago, on my birthday, and 3.5 hours later, I floated through the summer night back to my hotel.

Wonderful show and tears in the ceremony😍✌️ in Buenos Aires, love you Steve!!!!!!!!!

Hi Steve! Take a little break If you possible... I'm you and the band for the concert in Italy at December! Have a good time

Charge your batteries. You are needed! ❤️

Take a break Steve! Dear God man you will run yourself into the ground at this rate!

Can't wait to see you in Nottingham! 🎵💙

Poor H. He has the face of a man who is moment away from contact Apple tech support.

"H" você é um cara muito gentil c os fãs. Obrigado pelo show no Rio de janeiro.so não consegui tirar uma foto.

Great show in São Paulo.

Gracias por haber venido a Lima!

Marillion en Chile 🎶❤✨

Jmie Fris return to the studio

Cuando vendrán a chile marillion.

no da más...

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June 27th, 5:34 pm


Interview with Steve Hogarth for our Brazilian fans. Enjoy!

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Hope to see “h” soon here in São Paulo!


Irene de Souza

Hi everyone, I think that Lucy forgot the link :) You can access the interview through the 80 Minutos Facebook page or directly on this link: 80minutos.com.br/interview.php?interview=44 Please remember to translate it from Brazilian Portuguese. Enjoy!

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