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March 23rd, 1:09 am


1st night done....:)))A few quick shots from the first night of the Marillion Holland Weekend. Magic! 📸 © Anne-Marie Forker
#marillion #forkerfotos #marillionweekend
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1st night done....:)))


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Banda sensacional!!!!!

Ravie que tu t eclates stephane c est cool profitez bien . Vero

Vivement décembre 2019, salle Pleyel Paris, je serai au rdv! Vivement le prochain Blu-ray!👍🎤🎸🎹

Looks great, can't wait for Leicester 😊😊😊😊


ne changez rien vous êtes super ! j'écoute votre musique chaques jours depuis des années

Venezuela te ama

J’ai la chance d’être à port Zélande Quel premier concert et quelle Light show magnifique

Marco Mirabella

It was an amazing gig! Still two more to go though 😊

Willem van Heteren

Cameron Packer

Hâte de vous voir en novembre au royal Albert Hall . 😍


Can't wait to be in Lisbon for my first Marillion we.....

He still plays that Squier! Awesome!

Come to Mexico!!

Which was the theme of the night?

Already have my ticket for december in Paris.


It was amazing!


#SpoilerAlert :D

A fabulous night all! Looking forward to tomorrow night!

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March 22nd, 7:09 pm


#marillion #marillionweekend2019 #cables #firstgigtonight. ... See moreSee less

#marillion #marillionweekend2019 #cables #firstgigtonight.


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Le fil rouge sur le bouton rouge, le fil bleu sur le bouton bleu. Ou l'inverse. 🤪

That's a strange engine

And that's just for the coffee

If only Brexit could have been that well organised!

Steve’s pedal board getting silly!

Like the back of my tv!

I'm always amazed at gigs it actually all works, I'm pretty knowledgeable about audio visual kit but if I had a friend round to watch a Marillion bluray I know that the tv that has been fine for months will suddenly me need to fiddle with the two hdmi leads, an endless number of plugs and update the firmware for a good three hours before we even see a menu, then most likely there won't be any sound and I'll be back behind the sound bar for an hour.

Welcome, to the machine!

Turn it up to 11!

And my missus has a problem with me charging my phone 😂

Well..... with nothing ; you can't create something. [ Dutch saying] Succes with your gig.

All them Socapex. And if I’m not mistaken, the incoming is 3 x 300A.

I wish I could be there to see you.

Have a wonderful gig, see you later in the year in Portsmouth

I’m not there 😭😭😭

Think thas enough juice?

Spaghetti but luckily no [meat] sauce :-)

Now where did I leave my wire strippers. And electrical tape. 🤨😎🤓🧐✌🏻😍✌🏻

Could never leave me there i would have to change some plugs around

That’s got to be a world record!

Have a lot of fun in Zeeland guys✌🤘🤙

Unplugged concert?

Looks like the late great Keith Emerson's Moog synthesiser... 😲

Back in the day, that'd be just for the keyboards.

I've seen a lot worse (permanent!!!) cabling in computer data centres.

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March 21st, 9:34 am


#marillion #marillionweekend2019 #petetrewavas #dayone #portzelande ... See moreSee less

#marillion #marillionweekend2019 #petetrewavas #dayone #portzelande


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The bass man !!

C'est drôle, il ressemble au mec sur l'affiche. 😉

Quando vem para o Brasil nós amamos vocês, nos dê esta alegria!!!

Same arms crossed ! We’re on our way !

Wäre auch gerne mit von der Partie. Euch allen gaaanz viel Spass

Fiesta time not attending marillion weekend Port zelande... so sad! Hope to enjoy a little un Lodz!

Have a Nice weekend to al of you

Have a great weekend all XX 💞

I'm here! Saw that when I checked in earlier 😊🎶🎸

Come to Mexico!!

Enjoy the weekend guys.

I want that billboard! Enjoy!!!

Be there tomorrow, can't wait

First Time since Pontins without me and my friend Lu... Wish you a fantastic time!

Have a fantastic weekend at a fantastic place love you❤️all

Enjoy the weekend guys !!

Have a wonderful weekend! 😎🎶🌞❤

Have a great one guys! I'll see you in december!

Early flight from Norway tomorrow

We are on our way....almost there.Looking forward to See you all!

See you this afternoon!

Hope you have a great weekend

What this bigboard!?! what this thickets!?😮 Аааа, so this is the park🙂 everytning is natural!))

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