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October 20th, 10:05 pm


And another anniversary! 11 years since Happiness Is The Road. Got a favourite on this one? ... See moreSee less

And another anniversary!  11 years since Happiness Is The Road. Got a favourite on this one?


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So many great songs but Train holds a special place in my heart.

I love this album. There are too many great songs to choose a favourite. 😍

One of the best Marillion albums for me. I always listen to vol. 1 'Essence' in its integrity, and seeing it live this year was a transcendental experience. As for vol. 2, Whatever is wrong with you and Real tears for sale are the two songs I listen to more frequently.

Jeysus! Time flies...Love this album. "There's a book you have to read...Happiness is the road!" And I have.Thanks H!

All this album is great 👍🏼 Thanks for this moment.

Happiness and Trap the Spark are my personal favorites. Als love Real tears for sale

Whatever is wrong with you, real tears, this train, this album came out just before I got married, it takes me to such happy memories.

Hahaha........christmas lights, fond Leicester memories. Hard one to call cos it's such a superb album but particular faves are Essence, Nothing Fills The Hole, Whatever is Wrong With You and Happiness is the Road 😊😊😊

I absolutely love this album. Cant pick one song as they are all important and brings out the best in eachother.

Title track and This train are my personal faves.

My favourite Marillion album. There are probably many who would say marbles, brave, Afraid of sunlight, clutching at straws, misplaced childhood and so on are better and I would find it hard to disagree with them. Marillion have soooo many great albums just waiting to be discovered; cherished by those who are already ‘family’. HITR came at a difficult time in my life, and transported me elsewhere when I needed it most. Some may say it is flawed, one proper album and the other a collection of songs that didn’t quite fit on others, however that is the very reason I love it, it is an album that is unafraid and ambitious at the same time ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Great album. The later albums from this one onwards are the best.

Vol 1: Essence (even though the whole thing is a wonderful song-cycle!!), Vol 2: The Man From Planet Marzipan!

I love this album to death!

One of my favourite albums.

Love this album. I've been playing it a lot lately especially vol1.

All of Volume 1. It's such a complete work of songs that complement each other so well. Then Marzipan and Especially True. Wrapped up in time is a real tear jerker.

I’ve always had an odd feeling with it. I like more the Blue album than the red one, despite Essence should be the leader release. It seems to me that’s a sort of H&Kelly album, not a full band work. I like it but I Miss Steve and Pete. Really beautiful The hard shoulder!!!

Real Tears and This Train are the two I'd pick for a Marillion Desert Island disc. I love the title track but it takes wayyyyyyy too long to get going. Trap the Spark, Whatever is Wrong, Satellite and state of Mind are cool too.

This album is beautiful.

The title track is an absolute epic and one of my personal favourite’s. also like ‘trap the spark’, ‘nothing fills a hole’. It’s a strange album really, I feel it didn’t need to be-a dble album.

Its difficult but This Train is lovely, Happiness is epic & Real Tears is my favourite track played live. So many under rated songs on this album. Think i'm gonna have to play it now.

Real Tears For Sale is Awesome. I prefer the songs on The Hard Shoulder more than I do on Essence.

Love this album. Half Empty Jam works for me but so does the rest

Honestly, for me is your weakest album. No favorites to rescue.

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October 18th, 2:37 pm


Happy 20th Anniversary to Marillion.com. What's your favourite song on the album? ... See moreSee less

Happy 20th Anniversary to Marillion.com.  Whats your favourite song on the album?


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House. "I still have the hi-fi Quiet at all volumes As my dull thoughts Echo viscous and slow like the tolling of some great bell under water" The most heartbreakingly beautiful song ever written.

I love every song and I thought the cover with our pictures was brilliant!

Listened to the live version of House this morning in the car on my way to work, arrived with tears in my eyes, such a stunning song and amazing lyrics ❤❤

After the disappointing Radiation, Marillion needed a big record and they produced with a rather splendid come-back album that gave a sense of hope to me when I was going through some tough times. The gentle and wonderful Go! captured my fragile sense of rather aimless new direction and Interior Lulu was the song Marillion needed to make to reaffirm their mastery of the genre that inspired Paranoid Android… It was one of those songs you had to play again straight away just to confirm what the hell it was you’d just heard…

Easy. There are really only 2 great songs on this album (house and interior lulu) but the stand out is ‘interior lulu’ its a masterpiece esp when listened to on ‘size matters’

Such a beautiful album! It was a strange experience for me back then, but I was loving the music after I've passed the half-of-the-songs-mark 😎

Please no! Don’t be 20 years old already!!! Love this album. Gosh! Really?! 20 years? Wow! I remember the first time hearing “Go” . Magical!

Love this record! To me, this is their "Beatles" album. Lots of thoughts as to why it feels that way to me and I really need to write about that soon.

I have always loved this album, and more so because it came during a pivotal point where I was considering uprooting my existence to move away and be with a girl I really liked. The song "Go!" issued me the challenge and helped me make up my mind. 20 years later, we're married and still together. ❤️

It's a great album, but maybe I'm biased because my picture is on the inner sleeve, along with about 730 other fans. Go is probably my favourite song.

Enlightened. One of the very best albums they have produced in my opinion. A real mixed bag of amazing songs.

House is a fantastic song and probably my all time fav Marillion track

One of my favourites, the production is incredible.

I remember when I bought this album... I was soooo young!!

This is an amazing album and has a number of tracks that are rarely performed live. I have to say that "Go" is my favourite track. The ending of that is sublime - "Wide awake on the edge of the world".

Interior Lulu, Tumble Down the Years and Enlightened. A very overlooked album in my opinion

Interior Lulu. My favorite from the album, and from the band. Ever.

House and Interior Lulu. Great album. Underrated.

This is such an odd album for me. If I thumb through the Marillion catalog for something to listen to, this one likely doesn't make it to the spindle very often, yet whenever I do listen, I am totally captivated and reminded of just how WONDERFUL it really is! There are so many lyrics here that not only hit the bull's eye for me in my personal life, but hit the mark AS IT WAS HAPPENING (which is damn right spooky!). "If you can break it, it's already broken." is one of the most poignant sentences ever written IMO and it will stay with me all the days of my life. "House" is like a schematic for my roller coaster marriage which spiraled out of control in 1999 and never quite righted itself. And I'll never lose the memory of "A Legacy," which my children (four and three at the time) called, "The doo-doo, doo-doo song." You guys -- band, crew, the whole lot of you -- have been a part of my family for the last 34 years and I hope you'll be around for many more years to come!

And on the same day also Opeth‘ Still Life. What a blast!

took me ages to get into this Album and I mean a hell of a long time, but it's now amazing and Go! is such an amazing track I love it...

House and Deserve too of the most beautifulist songs ever ❤😍. House i listen to alot as it reminds of my old home

House! So outside the Marillion box, but so soulful. Masterpiece 🕺

Go! is probably my favourite song on the album. Didn’t really ‘discover’ this album until preparing for the Marillion-weekend 2017 (Poland). Then I started loving this album way more than I did before 😉

I choose House. I got this album on a birthday direct from the group that was so surprising and nice done.

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October 13th, 8:58 pm


Two years ago today. Were you there? And who is coming to the next two in November? #royalalberthall.Originally posted to celebrate the release of All One Tonight - Live At The Royal Albert Hall, we are delighted to share another one of the highlights of the... ... See moreSee less

Video image


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I was there and will never forget it! The reception that the band received from us all was just amazing to witness. Looking forward to Birmingham Symphony Hall in November.😎

I saw the fantastic concert on Blu-ray and decided immediately, if they will ever play at the Royal Albert Hall again, I'll be there, too. See you on both days 😀

Was the best concert I’ve ever attended. Never known a band to get so many standing ovations. Can’t wait till next ones ❤️

Yes I was there!! Was absolutely amazingly special! A night I will never forget! Will also be there for both nights in November, and at Portsmouth! Can’t wait!! 😁😁

It was unforgettable. The set list, the clear emotion from the band worrying about making it amazing, and eventually relaxing, we all lived it. And we have it immortalised on Blu-ray and audio!

I wasn't there two years ago... it was hard 😔 And today I'm more than Happy to be able to come to England to listen to them in their country 😊

We were there and are lucky enough to there again this time around. Can't wait!!

Yes, and it was so special. Hope those going this time enjoy it half as much this time. We'll see you at Symphony Hall in Birmingham this time.

I'm coming from Holland with my brother in law. I've seen the registration of 2 years ago and can't wait for the 18th november. Traveling for the first time by train to London.

I was there...when I was on my own, and it was amazing. And now 2 years later, I’m going on both nights...but this time with my beautiful girlfriend, who I met at the ‘All One Tonight’ screening at the Everyman Cinema, Leeds on March 26th 2018...😊

It was a fantastic and unique event and I will be there again for both nights!!

I can't deny I was there. Thrilled to have been a part of it. I'll be there at the next two as well. Like I'd miss them?

Sadly not, but I do enjoy the DVD, I'm going the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall show on Tuesday November 12th, the very Marillion gig for me.

I am the happy owner of the album recorded in this concert :)

We were there ! And again for this new show!

We were there it was spectacular and emotionally. And we will be there again...

Yes and yes!! Coming to both nights in November to celebrate my birthday ...... what a present!!! x

An amazing night I'll never forget. Unfortunately the finances were pushed enough to get me to Leicester for my 1st weekend, so no gigs this tour for me.

We had tickets and had been invited to the After Show, but couldn't go because our daughter had just been born. Now, every October 13th, we make her watch All One Tonight and say "Look, child, we could've been there if it wasn't for you" 😉 We will be there in November though, just for the Monday

Yes, I was. Looking forward to more symphonic Marillion in Liverpool in 16 days 📯🎻🎼

Nope... bit i did see you in Eindhoven. That was a fantastic performance. I saw Marillion many times...but this was one of the best ever.. Hope Utrecht will be equally good!

I was there, but unfortunately cant make the November ones. I will see you in Oxford & Cardiff though. 😀💜

Two years ago I ended up in A&E with pneumonia, so missed the gig (my now wife proposed to me on the back of the experience so there was an upside!). Going both nights this time!

I was there and I’ll be back. The most stunning gig I have ever been to.

I was there with my dad - incredible, really incredible. And coming again next month with my wife! Been looking forward to it all year!

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