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28 September 2018
Steve Hogarth Update

28th September 2018 - Steve Hogarth Update

Dear All,

We are now hunkered down in the studio working through some new ideas with our faithful and brilliant producer engineer Michael Hunter. It’s going well and we’re all getting along swimmingly.

Japan was terrific and the reaction has been, frankly, heartwarming.

Thank you to Momoyo Idemoto for writing to us yesterday and saying “Now you became a precious band to me. Whenever I listen to your music in the morning, the casual daily scenery looks so beautiful. Your music cheers me up every day”.

Well that email cheered us up too.

If you’re a discerning fan you might have spotted a pattern to these eWebs where one of us talks about Marillion’s current and recent undertakings, only to follow with a plug for one of their solo tours. Well, I’m not going to do that.

Not until this paragraph anyway :o]

I’m chuffed to announce that my gig at the Nantwich Words and Music Festival next Tuesday has sold out, along with the h Natural Christmas show at St Eustache Church, Paris. There are still a few tickets left for the following festive occasions.

Fancy a Christmas show in Gdansk? Or Copenhagen? It’ll be chilly. Failing that, there’s Oxford (not sure how many tickets are left).

Bring a bauble and snow boots...

Stary Manez Concert Hall, Gdansk, Poland - Saturday 15th December


St John The Evangelist Church Oxford - Tues. 18th December


Hofteatret Christiansborg Slot Copenhagen Denmark - Sat. 22nd December


Oh, and while I’m plugging shamelessly (well, with moderate shame…) my Diaries “The Invisible Man” Volumes 1 and 2 have been reprinted on my own Poison Apple imprint and are once again available, but this time direct from the “artiste” at a lower price at our Racket shop, marillion.com.


If you want to know what it’s like to be me, these should put you fairly squarely in my shoes.

Toodleoo campers and sayonara tomodachi