“Who can say what it means? What goes on in between, Who can say what you see..”Between You and Me
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16 April 2015

Dear all,
We have been inundated with messages since Port Zelande and Wolverhampton. This is to all who wrote their appreciation of our convention shows. 
We knew we'd raised the bar again with the production, the spectacular light show and movies, but it's so much more uplifting to be TOLD, and a relief to know that the many months in preparation had been well spent.
After all these years we're no spring-chickens so it's all the more wonderful to find ourselves being credited with such blistering form. And to find you so moved by the music.
Many many thanks for the emails. What we have here, is like feeling. But deeper. Lucky us.
Have a good summer. Unless you're heading for Montreal of course, in which case we're looking forward to seeing you next week! Can't wait.
h Steve Mark Pete Ian