“A mother to the living, A mother to the dead, Silent as the moonlight, I come to lay my head...”Cathedral Wall
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29 May 2003
Still No Hot Water

Band Member Journal : 
Well I really didn't think we could top the Pontins convention....Oh me of little faith.....Butlins was fantastic...A massive thank you to everyone involved and all the people that traveled from just about every corner of the planet....
The band are back in the studio as I'm sure you are all aware... recording has started in earnest and I must say I'm really enjoying the experience.... Dave Meegan (our producer) will not let us out of the studio unless a doctors note is submitted... Our day usually starts at about one o'clock.... Before actually recording we will go through the arrangement of the song and make sure everything makes sense.. Any nips and tucks are done at this stage. (Usually a chord might be changed, this can take anything from five minutes to three days). At around six p.m. we will break for dinner then carry on recording till about nine or ten.. This process will be pretty much on going until I have finished the recording of all the backing tracks.. I will do my best to let you know how things are taking shape...
Off to the studio now to find a chord...all the best.
Newsflash: No hot water at home this morning.