“I haven't changed I swear I haven't changed, How did this happen? I didn't feel myself, Evaporating...”The Invisible Man
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14 April 2011
Thank You Montreal

Thank you Montreal. The bar was indeed high. You helped us clear it by a metre or so. Amazing!. 

Love to all who came and gave at the Olympia. I never witnessed a vibe like it, for us, or any other band ever. We're very blessed and indebted to you.

Take good care til we see you again

h Steve Pete Mark Ian


We will put photos of all the conventions up on the marillionweekend.com website over the next few weeks.

In Other News:

I just thought I’d mention that I’m running in the London Marathon this Sunday (17th) This is the last time I will ever attempt this as last year in Brighton nearly killed me.

If you would like to sponsor me and contribute to the NSPCC, which is a great cause, you can do so at: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/MarkKe11y 

If I can hit my target of £2,000 and complete the marathon in under 4 hours I will die a happy man (hopefully not on Sunday!)

All the best