“I shout my name in the public places, No one seems to notice, No one understands...”The Invisible Man
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21 May 2010
A Word From Mr h

Huge greets to all who came to my "birthday suit" solo shows over the weekend. Each was fabulous in its own way. A truly international flavour in London, a typically mental kind of chaotic singalong in Liverpool and a warm and attentive crowd in Sheffield. Thank you all, especially those who were ash-cloud-stranded in England's airports. I hope you got home eventually and left a message on my guestbook at stevehogarth.com.
There are a few "dynamite birthday cake" t shirts left celebrating the gigs, and the new h "Natural Selection" CD (featuring my pick of the best h Natural live performances) is now available at Racket.
Have a good summer and I'll see you again soon - maybe at one of Marillion's summer festival appearances.
Toodleoo loves,
In Other News:
Steve Hogarth was recently interviewed for a BBC4 programme about Donald Campbell's Bluebird. Go to www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00s7qs8 to listen.
This may only be available in the UK so we apologise in advance if you are not able to access this content.
A reminder that Marillion will be playing a number of festival shows over the summer including the 'High Voltage' festival in London on 25 July.
We are pleased to announce that a live CD of the performance will be available immediatley after the show, go to the marillion home page at www.marillion.com/home for more information. 
Make sure you check out the tour page at www.marillion.com/tour/index for the latest information and tickets.