“Lie down in the flowers, In the blue of the air, Open your eyes, Why use up your life for anything else?”A Few Words for the Dead
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Real Tears for Sale

Such a pretty girl - the anger didn't hide it ..did it?
You shaved you head, pulled a face
Dressed yourself up without grace
It didn't hide a lifetime's damage
It didn't hide a lifetime's fears

Against your better judgement
'Put your whole self up for sale
The horror show when you were young
We couldn't wait to hear about it

But even whores don't kiss with tongues
Nonetheless I do believe you cried real tears

Real tears for sale!
Real tears for sale
Real tears for sale
Real tears, real tears for sale!

The wrong side of a lifetime's drinking
Is where it seems I'm coming from
I took my demons by the hand
Bent them, twisted them until they scanned and rhymed
And I took your love and all the hurt inside
Laid it out on the market stall
Agony at a knock-down price
"Reduced to clear!" is what I cried

The wrong side of a lifetime's wishful thinking
Drove me here to pills and ale
Come and listen, come and listen to my tale

Come and get it. Come and get it.

Real tears for sale
Real tears for sale
Real tears for sale
Real tears for sale

All the hurt, All the secrets, All the damage, All the shame,
All the dirty cuts and bruises, All the rage, All the rage
All the rage.
Boo hoo.