“Pick up the weapon, Marry it, give it your name, Define yourself by it...”A Few Words for the Dead
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Xmas Tour 2014 17 December 2014
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San Francisco - are you ready? We're coming to get you tonight:) First show of the tour - tickets still available - check out www.marillion.com/tour ... See moreSee less

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Mike HardestyI gotta be honest. The albums before 1987 with fish are what I love about this band. I've started to like the Steve H era and there is some great music, especially FEAR. I enjoyed the show tonight, but was very disappointed that there were no songs played that came out before 1995. I would have been more excited about the second half of the show and encores if they played a couple of old songs that helped establish the band and fan base. I want you to move forward, but respect the past.2 hours ago
Nom DelaNomI'm amazed you played This Strange Engine! And King! I'd have felt bored hearing those old '80's songs again. They were great but there's been so much great work since! Great show guys, thank you!53 minutes ago
Garth HonhartAm I ready? Well my readiness is "...a product of a conscious decision" and I'm sure all of us will give you quite a bit more than just a welcoming smile. :D13 hours ago   ·  2
Garth HonhartAnd if you think we ARE NOT going to sing the YEAH! YEAH! part at the end of Living in in FEAR, oh we WILL be singing. yes we will be...YEAH! YEAH!13 hours ago
John DowdenMy son and I will see you tonight, Marillion. Looking forward to introducing him to you :-)16 hours ago   ·  3
Garth HonhartExcellent set, but kind of put off by the requirement of special stickers for after show meet up. Hope that isn't for all venues or I shall be quite disappointed31 minutes ago   ·  1
Mike HardestyOn my way and ready for you to start the US tour right!13 hours ago
Val CordovaI will be there. 😎😎😎15 hours ago
David ColellaGot here (SF)....hours ago....waiting.....and waiting.....8 hours ago
Joseph Brandt DilworthBring it!15 hours ago
Mark SuttonAwesome show!52 minutes ago
Lori MaloneWith you in all in spirit, and soon in person! Tuesday @ Paramount, Denver!14 hours ago   ·  1
Francine OuelletteCan't wait to see you guys live in Montréal on November 1st...14 hours ago
Gerry ArelWaiting to see you on the 'right' coast ... thank you for a N.A. tour!!!6 hours ago
Gilles Van BunnenIf you haven't seen this band, you have to. They're just genious!!16 hours ago
Cynthia Ann Wallace LonieSee you in Chicago next week. Making a solo trip from Seattle. I am beyond excited!11 hours ago
Darren Andrew WardFrank Gasparovic you should head on over!!! They are awesome!13 hours ago
Jo LawrenceWe've been ready forever. ❤️13 hours ago
Chris MincemoyerHey guys, Earl Bailey on SiriusXM Deep Tracks played "Afraid of Sunlight" on his show today! He spread the word on the US tour!9 hours ago
Charlos RojasYessssssss9 hours ago
James W. TuckerI'll be there with teen daughter in tow.13 hours ago
Nic WolfeI'll be there! 😁14 hours ago
Mick SteadHave a great time15 hours ago
Thelma Careauhit me whit your'e best shot !!!!15 hours ago   ·  2
Danielle Otrambo PeckhamI'll see you tomorrow night!3 hours ago

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