11 August 2005
August Already
It's August already!
We don't know where the year went.. It's not as though we've done anything. Wait a minute, oh yes, there was the convention in March. And the acoustic tour of the East Coast of North America. We've been in the studio writing and recording some new songs which Mike Hunter is producing. He's the chap from Liverpool who helped Dave M with the engineering and mixing of Brave, Afraid of Sunlight and Marbles. It's all sounding great although we're only half-way into the recording process at the moment.
After the amazing reaction to the East Coast Los Trios acoustic shows and the positive vibes sent to us by Tower Records, we've decided to return and play a few shows and do some in-store signing sessions on the West Coast, too. The tour will commence in a few weeks time on September 6. All venues and dates and ticket ordering information can be found at www.marillion.com/tour along with details of the warm up gig in the UK on September 1st at our old haunt the Oxford Zodiac.
The Not Quite Christmas Tour is almost complete - again please find tour dates on www.marillion.com/tour. There will be no more dates in the UK so those of you who have been holding back on buying tickets - well you can go crazy now! We're just waiting to announce 2 more dates in Europe and we will put a note on the website to let you all know that the tour is complete.. we know some of you are planning short tours of Europe!
Anyway, that's it for now - enjoy the rest of the Summer!
H, Pete, Ian, Mark and Steve