31 May 2005
Support The Band
We know it isn't even officially Summer yet, but we've already started booking dates for a Christmas Tour at the end of this year! Rather than keep you in the dark, we though we might as well let you know now so you can ask for an early prezzie... At the moment, we can only announce 2 dates (Wolverhampton and London) but more will be on their way within the next few weeks. All the updates (and ticket info) will be available - as always - from www.marillion.com/tour
But now for the patented Marillion Twist! Are you a solo artist or in a band? Are you the 'next big thing'? Do you want to support Marillion on tour? If so you may be in luck...
We're constantly getting emails from musicians and fans (or a combination of both!) asking us to consider bands for support slots on our tours and one-off gigs. This time we have decided to try and get organised. We'd like to get together a list of artists that we can offer support slots to when we visit your city and country - not just for the upcoming Christmas tour, but also for the future.
If you're interested, head on over to www.marillion.com/tour and click The 'Support the Band' link. There are full instructions you MUST read, and all the terms and conditions that apply.
Please please PLEASE do NOT send replies to this email address, MP3s by email, questions about how to submit your material, or ANYTHING until you have read ALL the information on our website. We promise that all the information you need is up there!
Finally, a quick note to say that Pete's project Kino are playing some Summer gigs - check out their official website at www.kinomusic.com for full details.