22 February 2005
Less Than Three Weeks
Brrr.. Cold, isn't it?
HOWEVER, the days are lengthening and Spring is on it's way... and with it, the 3rd Marillion Weekend. We're all hunkered down at the Racket Club rehearsing the MASSES of music we'll perform during the weekend. It's a lot to remember for 5 blokes who can't usually remember yesterday afternoon, but it's going well. We're all looking forward to the shows and to getting the "family" back together.
We've also just confirmed a performance at the Bospop festival in Holland on 2nd July - details of this festival are all available at www.bospop.nl
And, yes, before you start asking, we ARE working on other festivals and live dates throughout the year, and any confirmed information will go up on the site as soon as we have details.
Please don't email us to ask us to play your town/city or favourite festival - it's all in hand!
See you soon and have a safe trip..
Steve, Pete, Mark, Ian and Mr h