3 May 2021
Tour & Weekends Update
Hello Everyone,
We have some bad news and some good news. 
Bad News 1
We have been advised by our European tour agents, that the concerts on-sale in France, The Netherlands and Germany for October 2021 may not be able to take place as planned. We have reluctantly agreed that we should move that part of the tour into 2022 and are arranging new dates right now.
For those of you who have already purchased tickets you will be able to get a refund or exchange them for the new dates.
To say we are disappointed would be an understatement, but we have to allow countries to get to a point where they are able to have a large proportion of their populations vaccinated so that mass gatherings, such as concerts, can take place without restrictions.
We will put all details of the new tour dates and how to obtain your refund, if necessary, onto our website as soon as we get the information. It is currently impossible to obtain COVID related insurance for these dates so moving was our only option in the end.
We hope you understand.
Bad News 2
We are sorry to say that we must move the Port Zelande Marillion Weekend in March 2022, to March 2023!
This is because Marillion finance and organise the PZ Weekend ourselves. Up-front costs are huge and if the event had to be cancelled (as a consequence of another lockdown by the Dutch Government) the loss could sink us.
As we are unable to insure the event against Covid related cancellation, we are unable to take that risk.
Good News 1
We fully intend to hold the other Marillion Weekends next year (2022) and will be announcing the dates soon. They will be in Leicester (UK), Stockholm (Sweden), Lodz (Poland), Montreal (Canada) and Lisbon (Portugal). We will also be taking part in the Cruise To The Edge.
Good News 2
The UK part of the tour in November looks to be full steam ahead (as much as anyone can be sure of anything at the moment), but all signs are pointing to concerts being permitted with no Covid restrictions in the UK in the Autumn. 
As you know, tickets are on sale and selling extremely well so don't delay in grabbing yours. 
We are also very pleased to announce that we will be doing a livestream of the 2nd night at the Eventim Apollo (Hammy O) and we will be putting tickets on sale for this soon. We hope that our fans from Europe and around the world will be able to join us for what should be a very special night.
Good News 3
In album news, we are still in the studio every day and the album has started to take shape. Within the next few weeks we will be launching one of our world famous pre-order campaigns and we hope you will join in!
Keep an eye on our You Tube Channel - www.youtube.com/marillionofficial for regular updates and lets all keep our fingers crossed that this is the end of the bad news.
h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve