16 October 2017
Royal Albert Hall Thank You
Thank you to everyone who travelled from around the globe to watch us perform at the Royal Albert Hall.  What a night!  Here are a few personal words from Steve H.

"Walking on at RAH fulfilled a longstanding personal dream. This gig was so important to me that I didn’t sleep well the last few nights, worrying about whether my voice would fail me on the night. Even in the afternoon I wasn’t sure all would be well.

I went on stage feeling like Charles Atlas holding up the world and then I looked up, and up, and up. Every now and again Yens’s wonderful lights caught the top balconies and I could see that there were people just everywhere.

Despite the warmth of the many ovations, the pressure inside me only cranked up in the hope that we’d  be worth it, that I would deserve the love - tangible, overwhelming - pouring over me at the focus of all that tender attention and anticipation.

So I bluffed away and pretended I was relaxed, waiting for “The Space” to find out whether I could sing it. And when I did, I wondered what damage I’d done and where else my voice might fail.

In truth it was only in that moment at the end of “Go” where the tension burst like a bubble.

You all lit up your hands, the lasers flashed and from the stage the view was like being inside the world's most amazing jewel - strangely grotto-like and Christmassy.

I was 7 years old again, and awestruck. I’d gone from Charles Atlas to a child in a moment. And there I stayed until the end, swapping laughing glances with the crowd, the band, the girls in the quartet, Emma the flute, Sam the French Horn.

Utter magic.

Lucky us.

Thank you. You were absolutely sensational.