1 April 2004
Back on the Road Soon
Band Member Journal :
Well the album is finished ...and although I say it myself I think it's fab.. I'm sure you will let us know what you think in due course.
For the last few weeks we have all been on a lightning/whistle stop promo tour... USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, Poland, and France. This involved a playback of the retail album, as well as about four thousand interviews... all very positive and enjoyable apart from Steve h's massive food poisoning incident in Spain (it was the oysters that got him). There really is nothing worse than feeling like death whilst on the road.
Next on the agenda... rehearsals for the Marbles tour start at the beginning of April. Mark has been furiously programming his keyboards in between interviews for the last couple of weeks. As with any major expedition into the unknown, preparation is imperative and this is why Erik, Colin, and Rod have been buying various wingnuts, amp valves, strings, 200 miles of gaffer tape (the list is endless) and generally trying to make our equipment road worthy. I am really looking forward to getting back on the road again - strange I know - but the lack of sleep, general madness and chaos tends to keep me sane...
All the best and see you somewhere soon...
PS: NEWS FLASH.. New boiler/furnace fitted at home.. Endless supply of heating and hot water.. Hurrah!!!