19 March 2012
News From The Studio
In the studio recording backing tracks for the new album. It's sounding really good. I'm experimenting with some new effects pedals, you can never have too many toys!
Feels like spring has arrived outside the studio.
Steve R

Just finished the backing track for "Sky Above The Rain". As I mentioned on my twitter feed a few days ago, it is a corker.
This really is one of the special songs. And it is nice to be involved in the recording of tracks like this. Especially as the event has also been captured on film.
We now have cameras in our live area, three to be exact but more may be introduced.
So I have to choose my wardrobe carefully!

We've been working on this album, on and off, for what feels like years now. Maybe that's because it really is years! I'm now at the point where I don't know if it's any good or not. I wouldn't take that as a bad sign, I really didn't like Afraid of Sunlight when we were working on that and look how it turned out...

Evening All. Just got back from another really good day in the studio...We have been working on an arrangement and I think we might have cracked it. Will know more in the morning when we can give it a listen with fresh ears. I can now sit down and watch the football with a clear conscience....For some reason I thought it was Wednesday today bit of a shock when I found out it is in fact Thursday...Time flies when you are enjoying yourself.....Cheers...

Well and truly into backing tracks now. Putting down drums for a song called "The Sky Above The Rain" today. Just wait..
Steve H


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