10 August 2011
What I Did On My Holidays

Marillion have decided to take August off for summer hols. This means I can dedicate a whole month to seriously moving forward with the Hogarth Barbieri album which I have been developing in my spare time. Richard has sent me some truly magical music and I'm finding it so inspiring and easy to gather words and ideas to transform these into "songs". I say "songs" in inverted commas because there is no need to think in conventional terms at all about the structures or, indeed, to worry about the rule-book. I can simply enjoy myself and paint pictures with my voice. I'm layering up vocal textures and having a lot of fun here in the loft.   What does it sound like? It sounds like nothing I've ever heard. Is it too weird then? Well, everyone to whom I have so far played the demo's have been knocked out!. These people are my kids, girlfriend, and a small circle of mates (mostly "cool- farmers" and their wives) so I'm confident it's a cross-section in terms of taste.

Last week Richard and I paid a visit to the brilliant and lovely Dave Gregory who is currently writing some string arrangements and knowing him!) playing a bit of guitar on a couple of tracks. Exciting times..  
I'm in the hammock with a lolly, and so, naturally, my thoughts have turned to Christmas. I have been offered a Sunday night at the legendary 100 Club at 100 Oxford Street in the heart of London's west-end, so have confirmed Sunday 18th of December for a SOLO CHRISTMAS PARTY! Yes, I know you're probably already coming to the Forum on the 14th to see Marillion, but you might also fancy something intimate for Christmas..? So if you've always wanted to ask me the name of my first pet (quite handy for hacking into my bank account) but never had the chance, or if you wonder why I wrote what I wrote, or want to hear some of my all- time favourite songs stripped back to a voice and not much else (apart from my questionable piano-playing..) or if you just want to find out what colour this hammock is, come and help yourself to one of my baubles..  

Okay, after me "Deck the halls and lick your lolly fa lalalalalalala la.." www.wegottickets.com/event/126436 ps Thanks to all who have left messages on my h guestbook at stevehogarth.com. Keep em coming - the guestbook always cheers me up! I also have a new Facebook page: www.facebook.com/icecreamgenius   Well, I'd better crack on. More soon..  
Love and synthesizers,