10 January 2003
It's 2003!
Band Member Journal : 
'Morning campers..
2003 Yeah! How's that for a positive start to the year?. I hope Christmas was fine for you, that Santa brought you what you deserve, and that you stayed out of hospital and police custody. I had a quiet festive season - spent mostly in bed with food-poisoning. Nonetheless, I enjoyed hearing the sounds of the family having fun downstairs (in between frantic dashes to the bathroom..) so it wasn't that bad really. Now it's January, the rain's stopped, the sun's shining and there's a cold snap in the air with snow forecast. I like winter to be wintry and summer to be HOT, so, living in England I'm usually depressed about the weather.
However, January is behaving itself. Cold and sunny. Lovely. We're already back in the studio working on song ideas with Dave M and I think the break's done us all good because, quite suddenly I'm beginning to realise that we're sitting on a wealth of good ideas. I don't think I've ever gone into a project with so many lyrics, and the musical ideas seem to get stronger each day. Inspiration has finally struck! At this rate we'll be putting down backing tracks before the Spring and, dare I say it, we'll be on the way to something comparable to our best work. Be patient, wish us luck, and we'll see you very soon down at Minehead if you haven't been drafted.
By the way, if you're British, why not write to Tony Blair and ask him if he might show the British people some actual PROOF that Iraq is developing weapons of mass destruction. At the moment, the UN has inspectors crawling all over Iraq. You'd think the least they could do would be to throw us a polaroid of ONE NEW WEAPON before we go raining fire on Iraq's children. If you're American, you might drop a line to George W and ask him the same question.. If you think you can't make a difference, then you should ask yourself if you really are living in a democracy.
You are and you can.