10 January 2011
Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all! Just got back from Köln (Cologne) after a most enjoyable last gig in the recent, short, h Natural tour. The snow has gone in my village and the weather feels relatively tropical today. 

We'll resume writing at the studio tomorrow, and also programming, scheming and rehearsing for the upcoming conventions - yes, it really takes this long! 7 hours of music is a superhuman undertaking for a band like Marillion who use so much sampling and synthesizer technology. Quite a feat for Mr Kelly to get his teeth into. And a whole lot of notes (in both senses of the word) for everyone else to remember. I, of course, have 7 hours of lyrics to pack into my increasingly unreliable brainbox.. Wish me luck! More soon..

Mr H

In Other News:

The Web UK have been getting quite a few emails from people who have not received their Christmas Web magazine and DVD. It does appear that they are taking longer than usual to arrive. This seems to be a general problem with the UK post at the moment as they have been clearing the backlog of post from Christmas and the snow.

If you have been affected, we are very sorry but this may be a case when you really do need to wait at least 28 days for delivery. If your magazine does not turn up, please email sales@racketrecords.com and they will be happy to send you a replacement. Contrary to what it may say on your account, the UK/ Europe magazines were sent on 13th December and the rest of the World ones were sent a few days before.

Thank you for your patience and once again we are sorry if you didn't receive your DVD/magazine in time for Christmas.


The Web UK Team