9 January 2003
Planning Ahead
Band Member Journal : 
Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you. Hope you had a good Christmas. Ours was a busy family affair with of course lots of pressies for Callum and Luke. I ate far to much, but managed to stay sober.
We started back at club Racket on the 6th of January writing with Dave, and yes I know it has been a year since we started on this project. Before I put pen to paper or mouse to mat, I thought I would review some of the songs we have arranged. I listened to the first four ideas we worked on with Dave, just after we finished in Bath. They sounded fresh - very promising. I tell you this because the writing of this, our 13th studio album, has been a long and frustrating time for all of us, but I want you to know we have great songs on the way, and more we are still working on. We also have a wealth of ideas we haven't looked at yet. What can I say, we just want it to be great!
We are of course also looking forward to the Marillion Weekend. Last year I really enjoyed having the boys and Fiona with me. This year is a much nicer place, and we know what sort of events to expect! We have been looking into making every aspect that much better, with the hard work of Lucy and Christine who have been at this from the end of the summer.
I also hope to get some more time to carry on working with John Mitchell. So far we have half a dozen or so demos, and are still working on more songs. (Where have I heard that before!) As for my solo project. Well, that is in the far corner of my garden shed at the moment, awaiting that illusive spare five minutes I never seem to have.
And with that I will bid you good day...
Catch you later