17 September 2010
Back From Loreley

Loreley 4 September 2010

Loreley was one of those shows I had been looking forward to, both from the obvious history of the band point of view and also because it is a fantastic setting for any concert.

We had the weather with us, that was for certain and I really enjoyed the soundcheck then looking out over the Rhein afterwards while having a couple of sodas. Unfortunately for me though, when it came to the show itself I fell at the first hurdle as it were. With my in ear monitor system running out of batteries, this meant that I had to take out my in ear headphones and use the sound coming back from the PA to play to. Not usually such a problem when you are in a hall, but when you just have the world itself letting all that sound disappear, not so easy. I then had all kinds of other things going on that are too numerous, and quite frankly seem trivial, to mention at this point in time. But it did go some way to putting me off as much as possible.

As I am however a seasoned pro, I fought back valiantly and even had time to appreciate some of the finer points of sheer magic. Our audience were, as always, fantastic and everyone seemed to be having a great time. So thank you for all the support out there!




In other news:

'Somewhere Else' featured album of the month.

For those of you who didn't catch this album the first time around we have chosen 'Somewhere Else' to be our featured Album of the month for September. Released in 2007, this album ships with a free copy of the 'Something Else' DVD which contains 3 live performances from the Marillion Weekend in 2007.

During September the CD will be available for the special promotional price of £5.99 or £4.99 for the download, so you still have a couple of weeks left to grab yourself a bargain. Go to http://www.marillion.com/music/albums/swe.htm for sound clips and other related releases from the 'Somewhere Else' project.


A Few Words From Pete On 'Somewhere Else'

This is one of those albums that kind of gets forgotten about. Probably because it is sandwiched between Marbles and Happiness. As both of these are double albums and had pre-order campaigns, I think fans consider them to be greater works. This holds true for numbers of songs per album but does not mean that SE should be overshadowed in any way. Only this summer for the festivals, we have been playing 'The Other Half' which is a great song live, along with the title track 'Somewhere Else'. Just having a listen to a few other tracks, songs that stand out as lovely pieces of music are 'The Wound', 'No Such Thing' and a band favourite 'A Voice From The Past' The whole album is worthy of another chance.
Always play music in the dark. It is a much better experience."