26 May 2010
Thank You For Your Support

Now that I'm back from being a Proghead, not a dirty word according to the good people of Classic Rock. I have had a couple of days to relax my mind and body after a gruelling few weeks.

So this is a perfect time for me to say a big big thank you to those of you, who came along to one or more of the concerts I played with Transatlantic. I can't tell you how good it is to see familiar friendly faces while being part of something away from Marillion. So it was great to see so much support from all of you.

The concerts were a great success as any of you who witnessed the event can verify, and we all had a good time on stage together.

If you missed it then there is still one more chance to see us live, at the High Voltage Festival on the Saturday the day before we play, Marillion that is.

If you can't get along to that and would like to know what the fuss is all about, There are lots of clips of us playing well and badly it has to be said on YouTube. You probably know more than I do about navigating your way round so I won't bore you with piffling instructions and details. Needless to say it's out there somewhere.

I also filmed some backstage antics which I will get Simon to put up somewhere on the Marillion website.

Once again a big thank you for being there.