12 April 2010
Marillion Recommends - Sundomingo
"When we played in Montreal last year, we had the pleasure of being
supported by a band who we think are fantastic! They are called Sundomingo
and they all hail from Atlanta, USA." 
"Their performance is captured in an upcoming live collection,
“Live In Montreal/Marillion Weekend ’09,” which we are pleased to be selling through Racket Records." 
Check them out on YouTube at:www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqNrBKa4MZg
We know our fans love to hear great music so we thought this would be a good
time to introduce you to this band.
Says Guitarist, Edgel Groves:  “We recorded this album in Montreal while
supporting Marillion, who were so gracious in giving us the opportunity to
play for their incredible fans.  Recorded over two nights, we picked the
best 12 performances and decided to release them because of the magic they
possessed when listening back"
The CD is available to pre order now at the great price of £7.99
H, Mark, Ian, Pete and Steve