25 February 2010
Random Thoughts From The Studio
What a week! 2 days of man-flu. Stayed in bed Monday. Felt like hell, Tuesday. Jamming at the studio Wednesday after an interview with a newspaper from Cumbria about the "It Bites" gig with Pete on Friday. They wanted to know all about "Out of this World", Donald Campbell and how I came to cause the raising of the Bluebird and end up singing at the great man's funeral in Coniston on the day after 9/11. Brought it all back. Scary times.. Now it's Thursday and I'm off to Birmingham to the edit of the Port Zelande weekend 2009. I wanted to change a few shots with Tim Sidwell and check the sync here and there. Tonight I will lie flat. Mike Hunter's got the flu too. (..good name for a band that - I wonder if U2 have got the flu too..)
Oh.. and I'm starting to move house again.
Had a good few days this week. Steve's H,R myself and Ian got into some strange jazz thing that we couldn't find an end to yesterday which was fun to play. We also had some guitar things going on as well.
I'm working from home today so I'll be noodling away playing with my new super duper Digitech pedal board and trying to find the ultimate bass line.
"Yeah I know, another one". I can only do so many a year.
Off to Cumbria weather permitting tomorrow to play at a charity gig with It Bites, for victims of the flooding that everyone has probably forgotten about. Unless of course you are one of the many whose lives were destroyed by it.
Have a good weekend people.
Enjoyable jam in the studio yesterday with Pete, Steve R and Mr H...No idea if it was any good but we had a good laugh.
Today I will mainly be taking the dog for a walk and playing tennis tonight.
NEWSFLASH: Something very odd in the sky today over Tring...A small patch of blue.
Had an idea for a new tv show - "Prog Idol". You could have Rick Wakeman, Peter Gabriel and Dave Gilmour on the panel.
High marks for extended mini moog solos, anything in 7/8 and the use of a mellotron ;>)
Steve R.