30 October 2009
Update From Pete, Steve and h
We have just received the new Transatlantic Album "The Whirlwind"  here at Racket Records and it looks and sounds amazing.
Any Transatlantic fans or Marillion fans for that matter who would like to hear what I got up to in Nashville after the Canadian convention can order any of the 3 versions direct from Racket Records. I think you'll like it. 
The 2 CD special edition & Box set feature the song "Lending A Hand"  that I wrote, arranged and sang lead vocals on for the project.
The Deluxe edition also has the making of DVD with lots of footage of me and the guys actually being filmed while recording and generally misbehaving in the studio.
It was a lot of fun.
Here's the latest news with regards to the Wishing Tree concert at Bush Hall in London on the 20th December.
We've decided to make it a combined Wishing tree concert and my 50th birthday party! I'll also be playing a few cover versions of some of my favourite songs and hopefully have a few special guests as well.
It should be a fun evening! Hope you can make it.
There are a few tickets left at www.wegottickets.com
Oslo. What can I say? It started out like any other L=M gig but at some point in the second set, the audience just ran off with it. I felt like I was riding a horse in a horse-race which suddenly turned left and ran off the track, down the road an...d through town!
The band tried to keep up with the crowd and more than one unrehearsed song had to be er.. performed. This extended the show somewhat as you'll hear..
Quite a night, and definitely the best vibe we've had in Oslo to date. I think we're finally getting to know each other..
A download of the Oslo show (along with the rest of the first leg of the tour) is now up for sale at www.marillion.com/tour
Over the coming days and weeks, (in time for your Christmas shopping!), we will be dropping prices throughout the Racket Records store and also offering very special offers on t-shirt bundles, DVD bundles and much more.
Come and visit the site often for updates.
For those of you waiting to hear about the Happiness Is The Road limited edition vinyl release - well we should have some more news for you on this next week.
A final reminder about the FREE fan club DVD.
You may have seen communications from us in the past where we talk about 'Web Members' as each fan club is called 'The Web'. Every year each fan club gives their members a free CD which comes directly from the band. A list of previous fan club CD's can be found here to give you an idea of the kind of stuff we do http://www.marillion.com/web/xmas.htm.
This year we are pleased to announce that for the first time we will be giving Web members a free DVD! This will be a DVD of the Cologne Happiness Is The Road Tour concert in 2008 - we're calling it 'Snow De Cologne'. Full track listing details will follow soon. So make sure that your membership is up to date or join before November 10th to guarantee yourself one. 
For your local fan club please look here http://www.marillion.com/web/index.htm