9 December 2008
Last Minute Rush
Hello from all of us at Racket Records. We wanted to drop a line to update your on the holiday rush. We are now past the Racket Records Ordering Deadlines for all orders outside the UK - however, we will certainly keep shipping your orders on a daily basis as quick as we can ...and there is certainly a lot to pack!
All the new Happiness is the Road merchandise that was available on tour is also on sale online at www.marillion.com/shop - you may also notice that many of our prices shop-wide have been reduced; this is due to the UK government lowering tax rates, so we thought we'd pass on what we could to you! Have a browse and see for yourself.
We've also expanded the use of Racket Records Credits (formerly called 'Front Row Credits') to be used on nearly every item in the Racket Records Shop. We've done this to coincide with the launch of Racket Records Gift Vouchers, which gives a way for your friends and family to get you the perfect Marillion gift - whatever you want! Prices and details of Gift Vouchers and Racket Records Credits are available from www.marillion.com/help/credits.htm
The collection of the Happiness on the Road live downloads series from the 2008 tour are now all available. They have proved very popular and successful, so we expect to continue this for the 2009 leg of the tour. The full release list is available on www.marillion.com/shop/music/hotr.htm
Finally, visit www.marillion.com/help/orderinfo.htm for the complete list of ordering deadlines, last posting dates, shipping updates, and Racket Records Office Hours - plus remember to check your Marillion Online Account at www.marillion.com/account for the status of your order at any time.
Racket Records Job Vacancy
A quick reminder as well about next Monday's deadline for job applications for the opening at Racket Records. (Details are available in the NEWS archive at www.marillion.com)
We would just like to clearly state that this position is based at the Racket Club Studio near Aylesbury, England, and your daily presence is required. We only mention this as we've had a few applicants from overseas - you will need to be resident in the UK as a citizen or with a valid work visa for this job!