19 September 2008
New Stock At Racket Records
We have now received stock of the first Happiness is the Road merchandise! This new T-shirt, featuring the 'Rainbow Man' from the deluxe campaign edition artwork, is now on sale, and will begin shipping next week; look forward to a whole new range of merchandise as the album and tour approach.
As an added bonus, with the purchase of the new shirt you'll get 50% off any remaining stock of album cover T-shirts at Racket Records!
We also have new Marillion 'eco-tote' bags - canvas shoulder bags made from recycled fibres and great for cutting down on plastic bags AND showing off your favourite band while you're doing your shopping!
Early Stages: The Official Bootlegs 1982-1987
Released in November, Early Stages is a 6-disc collectors box containing 6 individually packaged CDs covering a range of live shows from 1982-1987. Recently licensed BBC recordings form the basis for this collection, with the addition of additional EMI archive material. Also features extensive sleeve notes by Fish and new artwork from Mark Wilkinson. Available to pre-order now from Racket Records
Racket Records and The Company have also teamed up to bring you an extra-special bonus: pre-ordered copies of Early Stages will also receive a FREE exclusive A4 print of Mark Wilkinson's new box set cover artwork signed by Fish, Steve Rothery, Mark Kelly, Pete Trewavas, and Ian Mosley as a thank you for supporting us.
Happiness is the Road on Tour - Tickets selling fast
A reminder that tickets for the upcoming tour in the UK and Europe this November are on sale... Sales have picked up quite quickly recently, so don't miss out on your chance to get tickets before they're gone!
Head on over to www.marillion.com/tour for full dates and ticket details