12 March 2008
Album 15 Has A Name
We're just out of a meeting!
Marillion "Album 15" will be called Happiness Is The Road.
It will consist of 2 separate CDs (full details on www.marillion.com/preorder). Volume 1 is subtitled Essence and Volume 2 is subtitled The Hard Shoulder.
Essence (Volume 1) is evolving at the moment into a thematic journey, whilst Volume 2 is more a collection of discrete songs. Recording is still going brilliantly and the new songs we've written have "knocked out"  the few people we've played them to.
More soon..
h, Pete, Mark, Ian, Steve
Pre-Ordering Details
A reminder from us at Racket Records - the deadlines have now passed to get your name listed in the album credits, and all our competition winners have been contacted and announced on the Marillion Online Forum...
...But you can still pre-order the Deluxe CD Campaign Edition (and the Standard Editions, too) too) of Album 15, Happiness Is The Road, from www.marillion.com/preorder