8 November 2007
Amazed As Ever
This is a quick and huge "Thank you!" to the thousands of fans around the world who have shown us complete faith by pre-ordering the new album. We don't take this faith for granted and we're still as amazed as ever, and reassured by your commitment.
It's been busy over the last few days at club Racket. We all saw samples of the new T-shirts we are designing for Christmas along with a bit (loads, actually) of help from Carl Glover, of course. We also had a visit from a very nice chap called Roger who brought some shiny new guitars for us to try out.
Even with these and all the usual distractions at the studio we have been working on two great pieces of music this week and, along with Mike's genius, they sound pretty damned good even though we say it ourselves.
Though the writing and recording sessions are going well, we must soon take a break from Album 15 and rehearse for the Snow-where Else Tour at the end of this month (see www.marillion.com/tour for dates and details). Time flies and Christmas is coming..
We're also looking forward to seeing quite a few of you on the upcoming tour and we can promise you a FESTIVE evening!
More soon amigos and amigas,
Los Pentos Marillos