27 March 2007
New Single Out Now
As many of you already know, the new single "See It Like A Baby" was released yesterday. It's already become one of the top-rated downloads on several different websites and download shops, so a big "Thank you!" to everyone who has already bought the single - we hope you like it and it'll give you something to listen to waiting for the album.
We thought we'd answer a few of the common questions about the download single that we're getting by email so you don't have to write in or wait for a reply:
To our fans in North America, there has been an unfortunate delay with iTunes and other download stores, and have been advise that it may take a couple of weeks before the track is available - sadly, this is out of our hands. BUT... You CAN download it from www.7digital.com
We've also had a lot of questions about audio quality and Digital Rights Management (or "DRM"). Encoding quality is unfortunately not up to us - each download store will choose the format it thinks best. To protect their sales (and copyright infringement) the majority of these will most certainly use DRM as well - again, a decision that is up to the individual retailers.
Finally, you don't have much time left to pre-order your copy of "Somewhere Else" from Townsend Records and get the special "Something Else" DVD - head to www.townsendrecords.co.uk/marillion and pick up the special pre-order version before the release to guarantee your copy.
We'll keep you posted as to how the single's doing later in the week!
Love from Pete, Steve, Mark, Ian, and Mr.h