23 March 2007
Single Out Monday
Each day brings us a step closer to the new album - and the first BIG step is the single release!
In 4 short days, next Monday - 26th March 2007 - the new Marillion single "See It Like A Baby" will be released as a special download-only single. These days download sales count towards most European singles charts, so it WILL make a difference when you buy it... In the UK, we hit number 7 with "You're Gone" just before "Marbles" was released, so we have a lot to live up to; last week a top 20 single placing in the UK only needed 6000 sales so if everyone bands together we could have a respectable chart entry
Where do you get it? Well, just about anywhere you can purchase downloads. The very popular iTunes is one place, but most high-street retailers now sell download singles from their online websites. Obviously there's far too many to list here, but we expect you know who they are.
After that comes the album (9th April!) followed immediately by the tour - our first date is just 3 weeks away, so make sure you pick up your tickets now. Some shows are already sold out, and most of the rest are running out fast. You can get tickets for all UK shows direct from us at www.marillion.com/tickets - and the rest of the tour dates and ticket information is available on www.marillion.com/tour
We will continue to update this page with new information - but thought we should mention this is the complete list of dates. Some of you have emailed asking when "the final shows" will be added. Well, there ARE no "final shows" - this is the complete list. We've also put up some information for our UK fans asking why Manchester is not on the list. It's a bit complicated, so visit www.marillion.com/tour for the full message from the band.
Finally, don't forget to check out the latest Podcast from Pete Trewavas, beaming its way off to you now, giving you the inside scoop on the new album and rehearsing for the tour!
The new single "See It Like A Baby" - 26 March 2007 
The new album "Somewhere Else" - 9 April 2007
Tell everyone!