15 March 2007
Somewhere Not Too Far
It has been great talking to all of you about the new album at the listening parties - you're just as excited as we are that this is one of our best albums EVER. And it's great to hear how many of you have pre-ordered the album already... but it does seem that there is a bit of confusion about this 'version' of a Marillion album pre-order, so we thought we'd try and explain a bit better:
Our new album, 'Somewhere Else' is released on 9 April 2007 (or 13 April in Germany, and 24 April if you're in North America). Unlike Marbles, 'Somewhere Else' is eligible for the UK album charts, so all UK pre-orders of the album will help our chart position.
While you can order the album in advance from several online retailers, we have come to a special arrangement with Townsend Records so that any copy of the album they sell before the release date will come with the exclusive 3-track DVD 'Something Else'. You can't get this DVD from any other retailer - ONLY when you pre-order from www.townsendrecords.co.uk/marillion
But because we have this special agreement, it also means that the lion's share of the profit from sales through Townsend Records comes directly back to us to pay for the marketing and promotion of the album, and of course to set up our extensive European tour. They take orders from all over the world, they SHIP to countries all over the world, so get over there!
If you haven't heard them already, head to www.myspace.com/marillion for sound clips of the new album, a preview of the upcoming single 'See It Like A Baby' (released 26 March - look out for an eWeb later this week about that!)
Exciting exciting exciting...