17 May 2022
UK Marillion Weekend Stream (As Live)
17th May 2022 - UK Marillion Weekend Stream (As Live)
Hello Everyone,
A quick announcement about the UK Marillion Weekend...
On the 28th May, the band take to the stage of the de Montfort Hall in Leicester for the second night of the 2022 UK Marillion Weekend. They will be playing their critically acclaimed new album 'An Hour Before It's Dark' in its entirety and we're excited to bring the power and emotion of the evening to you, "as live", from Friday 3rd June for one week only, in The Space.
The show will premiere at 7pm on the 3rd with exclusive pre-gig content filmed over the weekend in Leicester, followed by the full performance from the evening. The whole programme will remain available to view for a full 7 days for those purchasing on-line access to the stream in The Space.

Being a ticket holder for the shows in Leicester unfortunately does not grant you access to the stream. Stream access needs to be purchased separately.
Full details are available on The Space here - 
We hope you enjoy it.
In other The Space news, we're also delighted to announce that we are launching our first app for the service!
The app is initially available for Android devices. Amongst other features, it will be possible to download content to the app / device for offline viewing...perfect for enjoying Marillion content on the move!
Please note that due to limitations imposed by Google, it is not possible for us to offer in-app purchases or subscriptions via the app. 
So, if you wish to subscribe to The Space, simply visit www.marillion.video and create an account, then sign up for either a monthly or annual subscription (you will get a 7 day free trial when you do!) and log in to the app where your subscription will have been activated. If you have an existing subscription then you need simply just login to the app with your existing username and password.
The app is available now from - 
We will be monitoring the service closely and will look at expanding the apps to other platforms as, when and if it becomes feasible.
The Racket Records Team