3 December 2020
Stagehand Campaign
Hello Everyone,

Marillion is raising money for stage crew charity Stagehand’s #ILoveLive campaign, which is providing financial help for all UK stage crew who are in the greatest need. Stage crew seem to be the forgotten ones in the current pandemic. They’re the unsung heroes of the live entertainment world. Without them shows just couldn’t happen.

The impact of Covid-19 has been devastating for the whole music industry but particularly for the stage techs, sound engineers, guitar techs, keyboard techs, drum techs, stage managers, production managers, tour managers and other live support personnel who make shows possible.

With no shows since March, crew’s income has been slashed with many finding that they are ineligible for any kind of government financial aid. Many are in desperate need and most are sitting with mental health issues. Let’s help raise some money to support them this winter. It could literally save lives.

The Prize Draw

Marillion has donated a 'Lifetime Concert Pass' for TWO and handwritten lyrics from Lead Singer Steve Hogarth to this prize draw fundraising campaign.

To be in with a chance of winning the 'Lifetime Concert Pass' for TWO there is a prize draw with each entry costing £5. You can enter multiple times.

Entries can be purchased between Friday 27th November and Thursday 17th December. The winner will be announced on Tuesday 23 December. Please note that the pass is not valid for the Port Zelande Weekend, Cruise To The Edge, Festivals or any gigs where Marillion are not the headlining act.


We also hope to do an auction of some old Marillion equipment before Christmas via Ebay to raise money for our own personal touring crew.  Details will be sent when its set up.

If anyone would like to also donate directly to Marillion's Touring crew, we have re-opened the 'tipjar' that we used for the Couch Convention.

Please send any donations via PayPal (using the 'Friends and Family' option) to tipjar@marillion.com

Best wishes,

h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve