25 November 2020
H Natural Livestream - 19th December
Hello Everyone,

After a year without walking onto a stage, and with no chance of being together with you all this year I decided I should find a way to make a Christmas show for us all.

Unfortunately St.John’s Oxford are unable to welcome the public during the current restrictions but suggested I might consider a live-stream.

So then I got to thinking… and the more I thought about it, the more I thought it must happen!

I will be playing songs in church at the Steinway Piano as the mood takes me in the usual fashion.

Audience feedback will be via Facebook and Lucy Jordache will be presiding over your comments along with Ant Short. The show will include a short-ish Corona Diaries Live Podcast where Ant and I discuss your questions and I attempt to throw light on them. Also a short reading from the diary.

I will have to dress my own tree (boo) and drink my own tequila (even more bum chords than usual).

Tim Sidwell will set up the cameras and the live stream so it will look good. Steve Finch will provide lights, so it will be pretty. Phil Brown will mix the broadcast sound so it will sound wonderful. And I will be listening out for your thoughts, comments and, dare I say it, requests.

If you can’t make it to the live stream on the night, the link will remain live for 48 hours to give everyone time to be “at” the show when they are able.

Tickets are available to the WORLD priced £12.00 each. If you’re planning to watch with family or friends, you can support the show by purchasing a family ticket for £18.00


And if you’re still struggling for a stocking filler as well as Marillion’s excellent baubles and the goodies in the Racket shop, there are a few cool little things at the new TCD shop. Link below.
Wishing you all a happy, healthy and hopeful Christmas
mr h

mr h