17 April 2020
Something For The Weekend
Hello everyone,

Hope you had a good Easter and you're all staying safe and healthy.

In 'normal' times we would have started by now to make announcements about next year's Marillion Weekends.  But these are most definitely not normal times.

As you can imagine, much work is being done behind the scenes to plan Marillion’s future activities, bearing in mind the unfolding scientific data on Corona Covid19 virus.

We’re particularly focussing on legal measures taken here and abroad and how these will affect the possibility of music concerts in the future. 

As we all want you to be safe and well, we will wait to make any announcements until we’ve weighed up all the facts and how they are likely to impact upon us all.

The situation is changing daily but rest assured that when it is safe for us to do so, we won't hesitate to get back out there and celebrate the “better way of life” again with you.

Whenever that can happen, we know it will be amazing.

Stay tuned and we’ll have news for you just as soon as we can.

However, in the meantime......

As you should know by now, we recently launched our Video on Demand (VOD) channel ’The Space’ - www.marillion.video - (CLICK FOR DETAILS)

Here you can buy or rent individual concerts to stream or sign up for a monthly subscription which allows you constant access to everything.

There are currently 18 concerts, 3 documentaries and various other films for you to enjoy and we are adding more content every Friday.

There is also a free 7 day trial when you sign up.
We also have a plethora (what a great word!) of physical DVDs and Blu-rays for sale over in our shop and have decided to hold a Weekend 'Weekend' sale :)

We have slashed the prices of all of the past concert films that we have available. 

So if you are 'old school' and want to own a concert you haven't got, or perhaps have watched one on the VOD channel but want to “have and to hold", now is your chance. 

So CLICK HERE to grab some bargains.

Remember, stay healthy please and we'll see you on the other side

h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve