30 September 2019
We Have A Confession To Make...
30th September 2019 - We Have A Confession To Make...

Hello everyone,

We have an announcement and a confession!

Since this year’s conventions we have directed our energies to the early part of our creative process which will lead, at some point, to our next studio album.

However, we also took a quiet decision that it could be a beautiful thing to re-record some of our catalogue along with our friends from the orchestra.

So our brilliant producer and collaborator Michael Hunter wrote some new string arrangements and we took a week out to go to Real World Studios and record with our friends - the wonderful string quartet "In Praise of Folly", the brilliant flautist Emma Halnan and the gifted French Horn-ist, Sam Morris.

The result has exceeded our expectations, is indeed a thing of beauty, and gives us the chance to release this eighty-minute CD to accompany our forthcoming November-December European tour together.

We hope you enjoy the songs and agree with us that some of them are actually better than the originals(!)

Whether or not you agree with that bold statement we’re sure this work will move you.

See you soon when you’ll hear it all live.

h Steve Mark Pete Ian … and Nicole Annemie Margaret Maia Emma and Sam

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(orders will be shipped from 9th October).


Estonia - to watch the Estonia video, please CLICK HERE
A Collection
Fantastic Place
Beyond You
This Strange Engine
The Hollow Man
The Sky Above The Rain
Seasons End
Ocean Cloud

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