5 June 2019
Marillion Weekends 2019 - Thank You!
5th June 2019 - Marillion Weekends 2019 - Thank You!

Dear all,

Port Zelande, Lodz, Leicester, Montreal and Lisbon. All we can say is wow and thank you.
We have read all of your emails, Facebook posts, Tweets and Instagram comments and we have been overjoyed to see that you all seem to have had an amazing time.
The reaction to our music (along with the superb sound and visual production), has been astounding.

Dare we say these were our best yet?

Who knows, but thank you to each and everyone one of you who came along to share your love, spend your time and provide us with the money we will use to fund planet Marillion while we work on the next album..

Thanks also for your amazing generosity at our charity raffles for Pace and Hope Flowers where we raised an extraordinary amount of money.

Have a good summer and hopefully we will see some of you on the road in November/ December at our 'Marillion With Friends From The Orchestra' shows.

h Steve Mark Pete Ian