15 June 2018
On The Side....
Dear All,

Some of the band have managed to shoehorn in a few live appearances into the busy Marillion calendar.

The first two of mine are in Italy next month with Riccardo Romano and his band (including my daughter Jennifer Rothery) who will be performing sections of his brilliant album B612.

20th July - Teatro Parchi della Colombo, Rome - CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

22nd July - Teatro Guanella, Milan - CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

The next event is my two day musical extravaganza, "A Collection of Musical Curiosities" with the Steve Rothery Band, Ranestrane, Riccardo Romano Land, The Dave Foster Band and Sylf at one of my favourite venues.

5th & 6th October - De Pul, Uden - CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

After a fantastic evening in Warsaw for The Web Poland recently, I’ll be returning for two shows in November supported by the legendary Polish band Collage.

9th November - Club Scenografia, Lodz - CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

10th November - Club Scenografia, Lodz - CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

Hope you can make it!



Pete here!

I shall be joining the new progressive supergroup The Sea Within, for their debut show at the Night Of The Prog festival Loreley on Saturday 14th July - CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

My good friends Roine Stolt and Jonas Reingold, asked me a while ago if I would help out, as Jonas is otherwise engaged, so I shall be stepping in to his formidable boots for the evening. It will be great to catch up with Daniel Gildenlow and Casey McPherson and meeting Tom Brislin and Marco Minnemann and I am very much looking forward to playing with these very talented gentleman for the first airing of their stunning debut album.

I hope to see some familiar faces in the audience if you are around.


Delighted to announce that I’ll be headlining the Sunday night of “Night of the Prog” (at Loreley, Germany on July 15) along with Isildursbane and Richard Barbieri. Isildursbane and I will perform the entire “Colours Not Found In Nature” album (which I co-wrote and sang) along with selected songs from Hogarth Barbieri collaborations, “Not the Weapon but the Hand” and “Arc Light” releases.

I heard a rumour that RB is considering playing Japan’s “Ghosts” too. This is a very rare chance to see these works performed live and I commend it to the world!

Isildursbane are in themselves a rare thing to witness as they are not just a rock band, but also a chamber orchestra, complete with strings, percussion, brass and woodwind. Richard B is a genius, as we all know. Now you wouldn’t want to miss THAT, would you?