11 April 2017
Marillion Weekend Poland 2017

Just back from the Polish Convention in Lodz.

It was a terrific reaction and very interesting for us to feel the eastern-European vibration in response to this year's weekend of music.

I spoke not only to Poles, but to Russians, and people from Estonia and the Baltic countries. There was no shortage of travelling fans from Germany, France, Switzerland and UK also. Amazing too to meet Americans who had travelled here specially. Big thanks to the Polish fan club who organised our Q&A and meet n'greet. The venue and equipment were terrific too.

I'm still a little sore from my attention-seeking fall in Port Zelande but it has truly been a pleasure to make these shows in Lodz.

We're all looking forward to the UK convention at the De Montfort Hall Leicester (now all sold out) and we're conscious of our first ever South American convention on the horizon.

Exciting and uplifting in prospect...


Visit our Flickr page for images from the Port Zelande Marillon Weekend, images from Poland coming soon -