22 January 2002
A Busy Year Ahead
Band Member Journal : 
Right. 2002 then. Well, here we go again.. I kicked the year off by indulging in my hobby - (no, not trainspotting) - romping around Europe with the h band of geniuses, which seems to get bigger annually. Last year I added cello and tabla to the line-up and it can be heard soon on the forthcoming h live album, hopefully available in the Spring if I can persuade Meegan to mix it! Thanks to all who showed up in London, Amsterdam and Paris. What a vibe! Wait til you hear the CD!
This year I've got my work cut out, preparing for the mad convention weekend in April, (This means re-assembling Brave in it's entirety. Phew..) and most likely playing some more gigs in the spring. In between this we'll be releasing the Marillion live CD "Anorak in the UK" (Never Mind The Hobbits) which, incidentally, is sounding like a band I'd wish I was in.. if I wasn't already in it.. and, most daunting of all, writing the next studio CD. I hate writing - especially at the beginning - it's like staring up at a cliff face (no, not Cliff's face - now that would be daunting..). Songwriting is not something you can learn to do, and I've no more idea of how it's done than I had when I was a kid. I've never known where it comes from, so the process is like jumping out of a plane without a chute and hoping one will appear at some point before you hit the ground. So if they find me face-down in a field, you'll know why. Anyway, we're about to jump for the 13th time. Hmm..
I've got my own site, stevehogarth.com where there's a guestbook for messages. I rarely reply to them, but I read them all. Thanks, if you've ever left one (unless you were giving me a slagging.. it's allowed!..) You can leave spiritual parachutes there, if you want to help..
Lastly, a message to Fish. Good luck mate, and don't let the press convince you that I've got it in for you. Those buggers'll do anything for a bit of scandal.
Toodleoo for now then, me shiverin' hearties.
See you on the beach or up in the frozen North.. Can't wait..