30 January 2008
Pre-Order Deadline Extended
An important reminder from all of us at Racket Records...
The original deadline to get your name listed in the 'Album 15' Pre-Order Deluxe Campaign 2CD Edition was originally this Friday, 1st February.
As the band have decided to make this a double album, the writing and recording process is taking longer than originally anticipated - so we decided it was only fair to extend the deadline to get your name listed in the credits!
The deadline for the remainder of prize draws all fall on 1st March 2008, so we thought this would be the best date to move it to. This gives you 1 extra month to pre-order the 'Album 15' Deluxe Campaign 2CD Edition and still get your name listed in the credits.
Past the 1st of March 2008, though, and all bets are off - the contest deadlines AND deadline to get your name listed in the credits will pass.
All this information, full details about the Album 15 pre-order plus the full list of contest prize draws still open to all who pre-order the Special Edition are all listed at www.marillion.com/preorder