25 January 2008
New Album Updates
Greetings earthlings!
As I write this Mr H is adding a vocal to a song called 'Grin and Bear It' so I've got a few minute spare to say "Hi!"
We have been locked in the Racket Club since the beginning of the year cracking on with the new album. At the risk of being called a liar sometime in the future I can tell you that 'Volume 1' is taking shape as a "theme". It could even turn out to be one continuous piece a la 'Brave'. We noticed that many of the songs we were working on seemed to be related and that got us started on this particular journey.
'Volume 2' of the new album will consist of all the songs that don't fit in with the theme (as we have quite a few that don't). I've written and recorded a piano piece at home that I'm hoping will make it onto 'Volume 2'. Pete has also written a song at home - music and lyrics - so as you can see this album will cover a lot of ground across the 2 CDs and hopefully you'll enjoy the journey!
Without giving too much away I can tell you we are very excited about how it's all going and we should even have a title for the album in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for sound clips on the website in the coming months, too.
Take care.
Royal Artist Club
During the recording of the album, we will continue to post photos and videos to our 'MoBlog' on www.royalartistclub.com/marillion
These are sent direct from our mobile phones from the studio (or wherever we may be!) as it happens, so keep checking back there often.
You can also look forward to the return of the Marillion Podcast - hopefully with some sound clips of the new album fairly soon!