26 September 2007
In The Studio
Just another quick hello to you all. We're back in the studio this week and spent all of Monday recording 'Let it Snow' for this year's Web Fan Club Christmas CD. We had a lot of fun and it's sounding great (if a bit... different!)
Now that that's out of the way, we are back to the serious business of writing and recording some more new songs for Album 15. We will soon be making some announcements about the upcoming album (probably in the next few weeks), but for now keep an eye on the Royal Artist Club at www.royalartistclub.com/marillion for pictures of the writing and recording sessions as they happen.
In a few weeks we will start rehearsing for the Snow-where Else Tour (which is selling very well so grab tickets while you can) - we plan to make this a bigger party vibe than the 2005 Christmas tour - are you up for it?
We will once again try to rotate the set lists as much as possible so if you come to more than one show you will hopefully get to hear different songs each night. We also plan to play a few overlooked old favourite, plus our Christmas pressie to you: one or two brand new songs from Album 15!
If you're not on on of our tour stops, we do apologise - we'll miss you as much as you'll miss us. But the quicker we get back into the studio the quicker you'll have a new album!
That's all for now - hope you are all well and see you soon.
H, Pete, Ian, Mark and Steve