14 May 2007
Back On The Road
Somewhere Else Tour Continues
After a couple of days much needed rest we're now back out for the 2nd part of our Somewhere Else Tour. The shows so far have been fantastic and the audiences - well you've all been amazing!
On this leg we are visiting some countries we have never been to before and we especially look forward to meeting new friends in Hungary and Slovakia. We are also excited about visiting Prague and Belgium again, and to return to Germany, Holland - and our new home of Poland!
We hope you are all enjoying the "rotating set lists" - we will continue to change the set every night and hope that you get to hear some of your favourites (you can check out set lists from the tour in the TOUR section of the website).
More in-store appearances on this tour are lined up, so once again check out the special events section of our website for complete details - and we hope to see you there.
We return to the UK for the final leg of the tour on June 3rd in Leeds (now sold out) - many of the other shows are close to selling out, too, so don't miss out and grab a ticket while you can (on sale from Racket Records at www.marillion.com/tickets) - we would love you to join us and party!
Ian's Birthday Present - Top 10 Again?
Talking of parties... it's Ian's birthday on June 16th and we're trying to get him a wonderful present: a Top 10 (or even a Number 1) single in the UK. This would give us some much needed radio play and help settle the debate once and for all with the general public as to "what happened to Marillion".
As with the 'You're Gone' singles, HMV and Townsend Records will be doing a pre-order so that all our overseas fans can also purchase them and not miss out on the extra tracks and videos that are included on the single. International orders will not help with the UK chart position but it will make the shops happy with us and help us build a profile to persuade radio to play the song. We've already scheduled an appearance on the James Whale Show on Sunday 17th June so we can celebrate our hit single - so help us get one if you can. The single will of course we available in retails shops across the UK from June 11th and it would be great for all the UK fans to show support by going into a shop and buying them - ah, remember the days of across-the-counter buying...
The single will also be released in Holland, and we will be letting you know details of that shortly. Sadly it won't be available in any other country as there really isn't a singles market anymore in other countries for that to make sense - but both HMV and Townsend do ship world-wide. If there are any left-overs after the release we'll try to make them available at Racket Records, but hopefully it'll be a hit single are fly off the shelves!
Pete, Ian, Mark, H and Steve