12 June 2001
Bagpuss Is My Friend
Racket Club Studio Update :
With the band and crew embarking on another major tour, things do tend to get a bit sparse around the Racket Club.
For the past 3 weeks Racket has been home to both myself and 'Bagpuss' (my trusty mascot) who has been helping me answer e-mail, process and pack orders, and also take strange telephone calls from foreign journalists wanting to speak to Steeeeve Howggarrtthhee!
However, it's an ideal time for a clean up as virtually all the bands gear is loaded and taken out on tour, so out came the vacuum cleaner.
Unfortunately, shortly afterwards in came tons of new merchandise. Oh well, back to the cardboard and tape!
Fast forward a few weeks and the band and crew are back. The truck arrives at the studio on Saturday lunch time ready to be unloaded. Cue torrential rain. Regardless of the weather the equipment is wheeled back into Racket as fast as possible, and as the last flight case hurtles down the ramp the damp crew can only watch as the rain clouds clear and the sun begins to shine. Typical!
After the short quiet spell, Racket is back to it's normal frantic pace. Equipment is being assembled by Stewart and Erik ready for rehearsals later this week; Erik is also updating the website with news, new merchandise, tour photos and set lists; Lucy is booking more live dates for the rest of 2001 (stay tuned for some surprises!), and I'm processing and packing your orders as fast as I can! Oh, and last time I looked the band were dealing with foreign journalists...

Photos were taken June 2001 by Colin Price:
Colin holds his own mascot for ransom
Colin has time for repairs while the band are away
With everyone away, Colin takes full advantage of the Racket Club's studio toys
DJ Colin's set is interrupted by the delivery of Shot in the Dark
h and Mark are interviewed by VH1
h and Mark waiting in between takes on the Racket Club lawn